first_imgThe organization of events, festivals, concerts, especially larger ones that last for several days is extremely complex and demanding, although at first it may not look like a visitor from the outside, but the ToDo list of each organizer is longer and requires a lot of organizational skills and experience.From reporting to the police, provide security guards, emergency medical service, pay ZAMP, provide enough emergency space, trash cans and their regular cleaning both during the event and after each day. This is just a drop in the ocean of tasks and obligations of every organizer, and in accordance with the new trends, the organizers have a great responsibility in setting new trends.Thus, the Hum Youth Association, whose purpose was to gather young people and improve the quality of social life of young people in the municipality of Hum na Sutli, organizes for the 13th time the rock Hoomstock Festival and turn to ecology and give a clear message to visitors – Let’s protect our environment. The aim of the festival is to become a “green festival” as they show special concern for the environment in Europe and more and more of them.Namely, the organizers of the Hoomstock festival have decided that they will no longer use classic disposable plastic cups at their festival, but reusable Hoomstock cups. In cooperation with the festival’s partner, La?ko beer, multiple branded plastic glasses were made, which visitors will pay HRK 10,00 at the entrance to the festival and use throughout the festival. After the festival, visitors can return the glasses and get a refund or simply leave glasses as a souvenir and souvenir from the festival, and continue to use them in your home.An excellent example of socially responsible business, as well as the responsibility of the organizers to its positive impact on both nature and visitors. In order for the festival to be successful and last for years, in addition to the quality lineup of that organization, they must have some identity and a brand concept and philosophy. Yes and festivals are brands that attract visitors according to their values ??and not just according to the type of music.Well done to the organizers Hoomstock Festival, support them and follow this positive example.last_img read more

first_img“My client has had problems in his spinal nerves since 2015 and the disease recurred in 2018,” Herie told on Monday.”He learned from the internet that boiled cannabis water could help ease his pain.”Reyndhart was charged under Article 127 of Law No. 35/2009 on narcotics, which carries a sentence of one year in prison.The coalition argued that the law should not restrict the usage of narcotics for medical treatment. A group of activists under the Advocacy Coalition for Narcotics Usage for Medication along with several other civil society groups have called for the decriminalization of marijuana for medical treatments.The plea came following the arrest of Reyndhart Siahaan, a 37-year-old man from East Jakarta, in November for allegedly consuming marijuana at his boarding house in Manggarai Barat regency, East Nusa Tenggara (NTT).Reyndhart’s lawyer, Herie CN, said his client used marijuana to relieve the pain caused by spinal cord compression, a disease he has suffered from since 2015. “Although Article 8 of the Narcotics Law forbids the use of type-1 narcotics for medical purposes, the original intent of the law is to ensure the availability of narcotic drugs for medical services. [..] The criminalization of people who need narcotics for medication clearly contradicts the main purpose of the existence of narcotic drugs, which is for the health of all Indonesians,” the group said in a statement on Wednesday.Read also: 420 blaze it? Here’s what you need to know about Indonesia’s marijuana lawThe statement also mentioned a similar case in 2017, when a 36-year-old man named Fidelis Arie was arrested by the Sanggau Narcotics Agency (BNN) in West Kalimantan for using marijuana to treat his terminally Ill wife.In August 2017, Fidelis was sentenced to eight months of imprisonment and a fine of Rp 1 billion (US$71,159) subsidiary to one month’s confinement.During his court proceedings, Fidelis’ wife, who suffered from syringomyelia, died due to lack of medication.Syringomyelia is a rare disease where a fluid-filled cyst or cavity forms within the spinal cord. This cyst, called a syrinx, can expand and elongate over time, destroying the spinal cord.The coalition explained that the right to medical service as a basic human right was stipulated in Article 28 H of the 1945 Constitution.”Learning from Fidelis and Reynhardt’s cases, it’s time for Indonesia to open its doors and provide the possibility of using type-1 narcotics for medical use,” the coalition said in the statement.The coalition expressed hope that the panel of judges who dealt with Reynhardt’s case could put forward his right to health and prioritize fundamental justice and legal utility. They also hope that the judges will free him of all charges.”What Reynhardt did could be categorized as an emergency since marijuana effectively treated his illness. Article 48 of the criminal code says that those who commit a criminal offense due to emergency cannot be charged,” the group continued.The coalition also urged the government to reevaluate the ban on type-1 narcotics in medical fields and to conduct research on narcotics and marijuana.??Topics :last_img read more

first_imgTo Our Readers:Mother’s Day is always a terrific day to well, just spend time with my sons. Just hang out together – in the backyard with the dogs, at Monmouth Park, on a golf course. Unfortunately for a long time my oldest, Bart, has been living in the south of France. He lives a very civilized life and I’m thrilled he has a red tile-roofed apartment in an ancient Roman walking city nestled just minutes from the Mediterranean. The largest Place de la Comedie?and the oldest carousel in all of Europe doesn’t hurt much either. But, I miss him. He’s happy and has a loving partner so ultimately, that’s what a mother wants for her children. It’s all good. And I’ll get to see him this fall when he comes home for my younger son Shane’s wedding in October. If you look on our Celebrations page this week, you will see Shane’s photo with the love of his life, Kate Judd, who he met while they were both in law school. My son is more than smitten and that goofy grin that’s on his face more than not is the first clue. Kate hails from Westfield, is a killer cook, and Shane from Tinton Falls. Beyond law they share the love of the Giants, dogs, kids, the beach, a sense of humor and a crazy show “How I Met Your Mother” which has something to do with the Yellow umbrella he proposed under. She’s a lovely gal from a really warm, intelligent and wicked funny family. So, I am so very happy for them both and think they are lucky to have found each other. I so look forward to dancing with my son at his wedding. When I ran into some health glitches a few years back, that was the Big Ask of God and thankfully, it came true.Every day I think of funny, tragic and scary days in my sons’ lives, but Mother’s Day probably more than most. Disney World a zillion times, sleeping under the Christmas tree, feeding fish to Pelicans, boating, the first day we put in the pool, the pony for a 4th birthday present, traveling up and down the east and west coast, New Hampshire and Maine, teaching them how to play golf, the first Communion and Confirmation, all my extended sons, getting to the soccer field just in time after a 36- hour trip from Kuala Lumpur, the PTA, being a drama mama, a soccer mom and a varsity football booster who handed out Gatorade after each game, the egg hunts, dragging the younger one from Borneo, to the Galapagos Islands to Western Samoa and lots in between, the many occasions spent at Monmouth Park, the family holidays, the tears after dropping them each off at college and the joy of button-popping graduations. Then there were all those terrifying trips to the ER, the crushed leg on the ski slopes and sleeping in a chair for weeks, explaining why someone they loved would no longer be a part of their daily life but alive in their hearts.I wasn’t the cookie-baking mom with an apron. Far from it. But I was at every game, play and important event in their lives. And I have always told them that as a journalist, I wouldn’t leave them millions but I did change the world for the better. That’s the legacy I leave my sons. And I hope they too leave the world a better place than they found it.But just who would have I have tried to make the world a better place for if not my sons? I’m so proud of them and thank them for the joy and meaning they give my life. They made my life whole and will always make my heart pop!Let’s Have Coffee!Jody Calendarjcalendar@tworivertimes.com732-219-5788last_img read more